The week we nearly disappointed a client

This week I nearly gave up on a client project, I was close to calling them and canceling the job, however this was no ordinary client. This particular client is a big fan of our work and always ready to put in a word for us, vouch for us and stand up for us anywhere.

Let’s just say it was not going to be easy to turn them down.

I weighed the pros and cons: it takes forever to build trust and a few seconds to shatter everything. It made no sense to disappoint this client at this point, we would just be setting our own house on fire.

Once we made the decision that we would not give up and committed to get the job done instead, it was amazing how things stated working out sharply. I guess all the obstacles we saw before where not as real as we thought it was.

We got the job done and the relationship is still intact.

You see, business is all about relationships my people. If we called and canceled the job, we would have done a lot more damage than good to our business.


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