Good ideas never die or go out of fashion…

Your good ideas which you’ve not executed so far can still be done. Ideas never die, from my personal experience, I observe that ideas get better with age.

Ideas also never go out of fashion. Get me clearly: the WHAT you want will never go out of fashion, but the HOW might change over time.

Mark Zuckerberg said that if he was starting out today, he would still work on connecting people to each other, however, he would not start by building a website as he did in 2004. He would rather build an app or use VR/AR to build it. (You might need to re-read this paragraph until you get it)

So, ideas don’t die. Ideas never go out of fashion.

Your ideas don’t have to die.

Why not breathe some new life into them?

The rumours are true. Gistcaster is back online and ready to bring the gist to you!

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