No, you do not have to lie

ByAdemola Morebise

No, you do not have to lie

Some people where able to deduce why I wrote about marketing and lying yesterday (hint: The first article I shared under watching the world), I have loads of respect for the man who drives that company and wish him the very best on his trip to Mars!

The question I got in the mail was: who does not tell lies? Who would not like to get an head start over his competition by drumming up his achievements?

Like I said: a lie is a lie.

I learnt many years ago that there is always another route, you do not have to lie. When we start to excuse ourselves and give ourselves the option to tell a lie every time, the truth – our conscience that is supposed to be an umpire – collapses and then it all comes tumbling down.

Be a man. Don’t tell lies.


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