Where do great ideas come from?

I don’t think knowledgeable people have the best ideas, and so, I disagree that great ideas come from having much knowledge.

Rather, I believe that great ideas come from the spiritual. When the voice of my heart is louder than the voice of my head, I am tuned into another source of ideas altogether.

I have studied men who presented great ideas over the years and I find this to be present. Steve Jobs spent time at various eastern temples.

These days, people do meditation and practise Yoga – all in a bid to attain what they call “oneness with the universe”; a state in which they can access something else, something that can lead them into a flow.

I don’t need all that. I don’t need to seek any temple before I generate great ideas… I am a Christian, I am my God are one. When I pray and meditate upon the Word of God, I receive great and mighty ideas into my heart.

If you are looking for great ideas and have thus far only concentrated on libraries, blogs, social media and newspapers, you are doing it wrong.

I believe that when you have some knowledge, updated information and cultivate a healthy, regenerated born-again Spirit, you will easily receive ideas from on high.

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