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ByAdemola Morebise

A simple way to exempt yourself from Nigeria’s economic recession

Let’s leave the complicated economic matters for those elected or paid to handle it and let us pan our focus back to where it really matters: our wallet.

Your energy should not be wasted on endless arguments at the news stand, now is not the time to debate who really crippled our economy. Waste of time.

Let’s look for a way we can handle the development effectively.

A simple way to take yourself out of the current economic hardship in Nigeria is by repositioning yourself to do business on “international waters”.

International waters of course refers to the Internet.

It is no longer enough to tell people to go learn skills like carpentry, bead-making or tailoring. If you setup shop locally, you are still open for patronage by broke civil servants. That will probably not work out so fine.

You need to setup shop online. You need to setup shop on the internet.

You can live in Nigeria and yet attract and service clients from different parts of the world. You can live in Akure, South-Western Nigeria and your top clients are all outside the country, in places where there is no recession.

This things are not restricted to only tech services. I met a fish farmer last month that although based in Ibadan, South-Western Nigeria, told me that he has customers abroad and infact, he helps a grocery store in the USA to source for Nigerian food ingredients.

To survive the drought coming upon Nigeria, our homeland: start thinking of how you too can take your business and place it online.

That is a more productive use of the time.

ByAdemola Morebise

What works for you?

A careful study of various productivity methods can even leave you confused. A school of thought says do the hardest tasks first, another says do the easy things first.

Some methods are even so complicated that I doubt that it would actually make you more productive in practise.

I think maximising productivity begins with you, study yourself. What makes you tick? What sets you up to do your best work?

Start from there, work your way up. Nobody should know you more than you.

ByAdemola Morebise

Mark Zuckerberg, developing the tech ecosystem and a demo day in Nigeria

This is my commentary on Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria. You know, the post many people waited for me to write.

I have observed Mark Zuckerberg over the years and even though his origin story is so controversial that it made an interesting movie, nobody can deny that Mark has matured and totally risen above all the scandals and controversies. Mark Zuckerberg is the real deal nowadays.

What makes Mark Zuckerberg an interesting figure is that he possesses a great sense of vision and where things should be leading. Facebook might be synonymous with social media nowadays, but in reality, Facebook is now a full stack technology company. They are making advancements in different areas of technology and they are defining what the future should look like. (I hope you know that Facebook owns Whatsapp and Instagram?)

Facebook has been able to move from been a product into becoming a platform and now they are doing the master move of them all: moving into governance. I believe that the first calling of a man is to succeed in business, after you master business, you then step up and move into governance.

That is how things work.

So, these days, Mark Zuckerberg is running around the world, meeting government officials and discussing policies that will make it easier for people to get connected to the internet. He is also inspiring people to start tech companies and build things.

It is truly a big win for Nigeria at this time that the Facebook founder stopped here first, and then interacted with both the tech industry players and other industries including players in the Nigerian Film industry aka Nollywood. It is a great morale boost and I do hope the next gen of people who will build the future have been inspired to take the charge.

Mark Zuckerberg is using his personal and corporate resources to try to effect changes in the world in other areas.

Nigeria is an important market for Facebook and Mark also invested in Andela, which has a very important operation base in Lagos. When the 6th richest man in the world is investing in your country, you should know others will follow suit.

The greatest thing about succeeding in your business is not the amount of money you make, but the way you use your new status to affect the run of things. This is the greatest lesson from the way Mark Zuckerberg’s life is unfolding.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Leadership over everything…

The stronger the leader, the better the organisation.

Everybody responsible person should be thinking of acquiring and developing leadership skills. Everybody is a leader over their sphere of influence.

An organisation cannot succeed beyond the capacity of its leaders. As I always say, when a true leader arises, even rebels will submit.

Take away the money, skills, resources and everything, with proper leadership…. we can get everything back.

It is leadership over everything!


ByAdemola Morebise

A sense of mission

It certainly helps to cultivate a sense of mission around the things we find ourselves doing.

A sense of mission, loyalty to the mission helps you to focus and commit to getting the job done. That is when failure becomes impossible.

A sense of mission means that it is no longer optional that something works out. It is either it works out or it works out. It might help to see things as they really are, a matter of life and death.

Not everything is that serious and important! Certainly, and that is why you should pour your energy, you should invest your time into things that are worth it. Your time is too precious to invest in things that do not have any long-lasting value.

Pick things that are important to you and cultivate a sense of mission.

Then see how the productivity magic begins to surface.