A rant about MMM Nigeria: lies and greed

I have to write this because these words are ringing in my head:

“Those who know, have a duty to act” – Albert Einstein

The lies the MMM camp are peddling are really baffling!

Look, I don’t care about Zimbabwe and Mr Phoebe that was kind enough to write to Nigerians to “clear the air on the matter”. I do not care whether MMM is working in Zimbabwe or not.

I am a business man, I only care about these:

  • The value created
  • The business model

MMM sucks at both.

No clear value generated. No viable business model.

I recently asked someone whether Aliko Dangote could also PH of NGN1 billion into the system and get his 30% interest as specified. The answer is ofcourse: NO. If MMM is a viable business, why can’t Dangote invest in it??

The Federal Government of Nigeria has a million things on its mind right now… I doubt if MMM is important enough to be on the list. The government is not interested in your MMM, CBN has no business with MMM!

Yet MMM is not happening off the grid, away from CBN’s watchful eyes because every kobo you are moving through MMM is passing through Nigerian Banks, that are regulated by CBN. With some data science, we can find out everybody on MMM’s network. Yes, we have the power to do that if we wish to.

It is foolishness and lies to claim CBN is trying to shut MMM down! CBN CANNOT shut down MMM, I can assure you that they are not even trying to.

I am saying do not give MMM your money because one day you will PH and then nobody will be able to GH you back. One day, the system will collapse under its own weight.

You think you are in control because the money is in your own bank account, but actually, that control is an illusion. It is a very beautiful system conceivied by Mr. Mavro, a genius.

The real issue here is greed.

Greed will make you ignore what I am saying, greed will make you discard all the mounting eveidence. Greed will make you turn a deaf ear. Greed tells you to quickly put in your money and cash out fast-fast

It really pains me that at a time when a man like you is thinking about how we can start flying to Mars and establish a human settlement on Mars, when men like you are buidling wonderful solutions to problems, men like you are taking the gospel to the poor ones in obscure parts of the world, when men like you are busy providing real help for people who can never pay them back, you are busy looking for the next sucker that will keep MMM afloat.

Shame on all MMM members.

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