You are one post away from going viral

In today’s social media world, anybody is one post from going viral. From moving from obscurity to the limelight.

Yet, it is futile in itself to step out everyday, thinking about how to frame today’s post to ensure it goes viral.

Experts have sat down to analyse what makes posts go viral and found no consistent pattern or methodology; posts simply go viral or they don’t.

This is my 771th post and it will either launch me into the limelight or not.

Either ways, going viral must not be the paramount motive. The paramount motive has to be to remain useful and relevant to the audience. You are always one post away from going viral, but exactly which post will launch you into the limelight, you do not know.

Keep posting, keep tweeting, keep working on those projects, try everything, poke and poke, launch those ideas into the real world…. You never know for sure which one will hit and elevate you to the next level!


Watching The World


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