A coding revolution, not agriculture will save us all

Digital technology is clearly the future, it has crept into every area of our lives. There is a digital tech solution for every single thing we do everyday.

I hope you have heard about what they are calling the internet of things? A scenerio whereby everything you use: your TVs, air conditioning systems, cooker, chairs and even your light bulb will all be connected and will be operable over the Internet.

There is a cry for every Nigerian to get back on the farm; they say agriculture is the future. Some of us disagrees, we think digital technology is the future and people should be encouraged to embrace it.

It is obvious that anybody optimising themselves for the uncertain future should be arming up with ICT skills… Like programming. This will ensure you remain relevant.

The machines of the future will be programmable, you will be able to program anything in your house to do anything you want. The programmers; those who can read and write computer codes are the ones who will possess super powers!

A coding revolution. Every young person should be taught how to read and write code.

New laws should be passed: you are not literate if you cannot program a computer!

Let us optimise for the future, agriculture is our past. Agrotech is our future!


Watching The World

  • Check out Sevocoder. nHub’s project to start a coding revolution in Northern Nigeria.
  • I heard Tolet.com.ng has just raised $1.2 million, which translates to over ₦500 million. Fikayo Ogundipe, the CEO of ToLet said that “the new funds raised will be used to improve the platform’s technology offering to both property seekers as well as that used by listing agents. The rest of the funds will be channelled into improved marketing efforts and aggressive expansion across Nigeria over the next 12-18months.”


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