It is peasants that marry for love. This is why royalty gets married

ByAdemola Morebise

It is peasants that marry for love. This is why royalty gets married

Peasants, a term I am using to refer to people content with living charming and peaceable lives, (aka boring, normal and uneventful lives) usually gets married simply because some chemical reactions in their body gets interpreted as love. That funny feeling that defies logic!

Royalty, (a term I am using to refer to visionary people) on the other hand marry for much bigger reasons.

Visionary people don’t just marry for love, because beyond the relationship they will also need a functional partnership that can power and sustain the vision. When you are a man on a journey to somewhere, you cannot afford to just pick up a co-pilot frivolously, without giving it much thought. The woman who has a sense of purpose also cannot afford to just join herself to any bus that comes around.

I know far too many forward thinking who ended up in ditches after making a jump just because they felt they are in love with somebody, they forget that once you are in love, you tend to overlook each other’s shortcomings.

Look, falling in love is not hard… if you tell yourself every morning that “I love X and I really care about him/her/it”, you will fall in love.

I am serious.

We should get married for a course, for a purpose, for a mission greater than ourselves.

You want to be asking yourself honest, candid questions such as “how exactly does this person fit into the big picture?”, “Will this person support my vision or will they run it into the ground?”, “Do they make me better and strive for higher standards?”

I have previously wrote that a spouse should do much more than just cooking, washing the clothes and popping out babies.

So, do not get married because of love, falling in love is easy. You want to get married because that person can help you; truly help you on your life’s journey.


To get married in purpose, you obviously need to figure out your purpose and what your big picture is. As my mentor always rings to my hearing: It is PURPOSE before PROPOSE, in that order.


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