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ByAdemola Morebise

The one thing I learnt from Shimon Peres that drives me my agrotech pursuits

A few days ago, Israeli statesman and Nobel peace prize winner, Shimon Peres passed on at 93.

There’s this thing he said that rings in my mind whenever agriculture is discussed:

“People don’t realise this, but agriculture is 95% science, 5% work”

I found that statement to be profound! And so, I have made it my mission to figure it out.

ByAdemola Morebise

A rant about MMM Nigeria: lies and greed

I have to write this because these words are ringing in my head:

“Those who know, have a duty to act” – Albert Einstein

The lies the MMM camp are peddling are really baffling!

Look, I don’t care about Zimbabwe and Mr Phoebe that was kind enough to write to Nigerians to “clear the air on the matter”. I do not care whether MMM is working in Zimbabwe or not.

I am a business man, I only care about these:

  • The value created
  • The business model

MMM sucks at both.

No clear value generated. No viable business model.

I recently asked someone whether Aliko Dangote could also PH of NGN1 billion into the system and get his 30% interest as specified. The answer is ofcourse: NO. If MMM is a viable business, why can’t Dangote invest in it??

The Federal Government of Nigeria has a million things on its mind right now… I doubt if MMM is important enough to be on the list. The government is not interested in your MMM, CBN has no business with MMM!

Yet MMM is not happening off the grid, away from CBN’s watchful eyes because every kobo you are moving through MMM is passing through Nigerian Banks, that are regulated by CBN. With some data science, we can find out everybody on MMM’s network. Yes, we have the power to do that if we wish to.

It is foolishness and lies to claim CBN is trying to shut MMM down! CBN CANNOT shut down MMM, I can assure you that they are not even trying to.

I am saying do not give MMM your money because one day you will PH and then nobody will be able to GH you back. One day, the system will collapse under its own weight.

You think you are in control because the money is in your own bank account, but actually, that control is an illusion. It is a very beautiful system conceivied by Mr. Mavro, a genius.

The real issue here is greed.

Greed will make you ignore what I am saying, greed will make you discard all the mounting eveidence. Greed will make you turn a deaf ear. Greed tells you to quickly put in your money and cash out fast-fast

It really pains me that at a time when a man like you is thinking about how we can start flying to Mars and establish a human settlement on Mars, when men like you are buidling wonderful solutions to problems, men like you are taking the gospel to the poor ones in obscure parts of the world, when men like you are busy providing real help for people who can never pay them back, you are busy looking for the next sucker that will keep MMM afloat.

Shame on all MMM members.

ByAdemola Morebise

You are one post away from going viral

In today’s social media world, anybody is one post from going viral. From moving from obscurity to the limelight.

Yet, it is futile in itself to step out everyday, thinking about how to frame today’s post to ensure it goes viral.

Experts have sat down to analyse what makes posts go viral and found no consistent pattern or methodology; posts simply go viral or they don’t.

This is my 771th post and it will either launch me into the limelight or not.

Either ways, going viral must not be the paramount motive. The paramount motive has to be to remain useful and relevant to the audience. You are always one post away from going viral, but exactly which post will launch you into the limelight, you do not know.

Keep posting, keep tweeting, keep working on those projects, try everything, poke and poke, launch those ideas into the real world…. You never know for sure which one will hit and elevate you to the next level!


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

The difference between wealthy people and the poor ones

It dawned on me recently that the difference between wealthy people and the poor ones amongst us comes down to the mindset.

There is a way wealthy people think, poor people don’t think that way. Their mind is just too dull to think that way.

Giving a man some money doesn’t change that mindset either, a fool and his money is soon separated.

So, I’m not helping you if I give you NGN10 millon without working on your mental state first.

The first step to wealth is by becoming mentally wealthy first. Cultivate a wealthy mind by learning how to think correctly: attend seminars, read books, acquire other media on this subject and start cultivating a wealthy mind.

Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

From sci-fi to reality: the real magic about the shoes that lace themselves

It took 28 years of brainstorming and 11 years of R&D (Research and Development), so many false starts, delays and blown deadlines and so many other things. But at last, we have it: a shoe that lace itself.

Nike has invented an automatic electronic self-lacing shoe called the HyperAdapt 1.0. The shoe has a sensor, battery, motor and cable system that works seamlessly together so that when you step into the shoe, the shoe comes alive and adapts to your foot, essentially lacing itself.

The shoe is charged wirelessly and will work for about 2 weeks on a single charge.

You should check out this article on WIRED for a deep dive into the HyperAdapt 1.0.

Meanwhile, what I learn from this development is that it might take a while, but if we keep working at it and never give up, there is nothing we have ever imagined that can never become a reality.

When Bill Gates announced that he wanted to place a computer in every home, it sounded impossible. Computers used to be big and clunky and very expensive that an expert declared at that time that there was a world market for maybe 5 computers. In retrospect, we laugh and condemn the expert.

The expert was not wrong, his prediction was made based on the best knowledge available at that time.

These days, telephone access that used to be very expensive is now available for everybody. I can guess that very soon, planes will become cheaper, more affordable and the common, everyday man will be able to buy planes.

The real magic, what excites me about Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 is that the design was made for a sci-fi movie and 28 years later, we have it in real life.

Who now says all the cool stuff I dreamed about when I was a child cannot be built out in the real world?


ByAdemola Morebise

Surround yourself with (great) people

Running a successful company requires a team, not just one person. With only one person responsible for each decision or activity, there’s only so far your business can scale. Consider some of the tasks you could hand over to contractors, employees, interns, and even family members! 

Try delegating some of your major pain points first; this will free up your time to focus on the important stuff. 

If you are a furniture maker, you can decide to delegate your social media activities to your cousin that is more tech savvy than you are. 

What having people around does for you is that they also serve as a source of emotional supoort. The road to starting and growing a business successfully is a long one and can get weary at times, constant encouragement is needed. 

Surround yourself with great people who can help you get things done in your business and others who can provide some help or the other at other times. This is also one of the most valuable things a community does for you. 

ByAdemola Morebise

A coding revolution, not agriculture will save us all

Digital technology is clearly the future, it has crept into every area of our lives. There is a digital tech solution for every single thing we do everyday.

I hope you have heard about what they are calling the internet of things? A scenerio whereby everything you use: your TVs, air conditioning systems, cooker, chairs and even your light bulb will all be connected and will be operable over the Internet.

There is a cry for every Nigerian to get back on the farm; they say agriculture is the future. Some of us disagrees, we think digital technology is the future and people should be encouraged to embrace it.

It is obvious that anybody optimising themselves for the uncertain future should be arming up with ICT skills… Like programming. This will ensure you remain relevant.

The machines of the future will be programmable, you will be able to program anything in your house to do anything you want. The programmers; those who can read and write computer codes are the ones who will possess super powers!

A coding revolution. Every young person should be taught how to read and write code.

New laws should be passed: you are not literate if you cannot program a computer!

Let us optimise for the future, agriculture is our past. Agrotech is our future!


Watching The World

  • Check out Sevocoder. nHub’s project to start a coding revolution in Northern Nigeria.
  • I heard has just raised $1.2 million, which translates to over ₦500 million. Fikayo Ogundipe, the CEO of ToLet said that “the new funds raised will be used to improve the platform’s technology offering to both property seekers as well as that used by listing agents. The rest of the funds will be channelled into improved marketing efforts and aggressive expansion across Nigeria over the next 12-18months.”


ByAdemola Morebise

The Long game & the short game

The short game pays the bills; it keeps you alive in the short run.

The long game secures your future and helps you to leave some legacy.

Don’t only focus on the short game. Keep an eye on your long term future too.

ByAdemola Morebise

It almost always comes down to having the guts

One of the most popular stories of all times is the moving tale of David. A boy who rose beyond his background and worked his way up the ladder of greatness, one step at a time, no shortcuts.

His tale begins with the rumours that he took on a bear and a lion and killed them single handedly. A lion is no joke, a bear is no slouch!

While watching The Revenant, the movie that finally won Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar; the David story came alive in a very moving manner; I could finally have a feel of what it was like to go up against a wild animal, a beast that could tear you into pieces in a jiffy.

Yet, what you need to take on a bear is not a gun or a spear or a grenade. All you need is courage.

If you have guts and no certificate, you are fine. However If you have certifications and no guts, you are screwed.

Do you have enough courage to begin to take steps towards your higher dreams or will you continue to dwell in the lower realms, too scared to take a step?

Some years ago, a vision grabbed me and I started thinking about it. The more I thought about it, the more I felt it was beyond me, it was not looking 100% achievable, but it was certainly worth giving a try.

The stars did not align, I did not receive everything I needed for a quick execution of the vision, but I then realised that by taking steps towards its fulfillment every single day, I increased my chances of succeeding tremendously.

Most people never realise this, but there is power in moving towards your dreams.

Today, I take another important step towards the goal of connecting youths in lower tier towns to the global economy. Today, I am hosting the first digital jobs seminar in Ikere-Ekiti and from there, things should enter the next level.

It is happening because I have found the courage to do it. Not because of easy availability of money, men or resources. Not because of any support from powerful organisations.

It is just me and my courage.

When it comes to matters of vision, it almost always boils down to having the guts to pursue it.


ByAdemola Morebise

It is peasants that marry for love. This is why royalty gets married

Peasants, a term I am using to refer to people content with living charming and peaceable lives, (aka boring, normal and uneventful lives) usually gets married simply because some chemical reactions in their body gets interpreted as love. That funny feeling that defies logic!

Royalty, (a term I am using to refer to visionary people) on the other hand marry for much bigger reasons.

Visionary people don’t just marry for love, because beyond the relationship they will also need a functional partnership that can power and sustain the vision. When you are a man on a journey to somewhere, you cannot afford to just pick up a co-pilot frivolously, without giving it much thought. The woman who has a sense of purpose also cannot afford to just join herself to any bus that comes around.

I know far too many forward thinking who ended up in ditches after making a jump just because they felt they are in love with somebody, they forget that once you are in love, you tend to overlook each other’s shortcomings.

Look, falling in love is not hard… if you tell yourself every morning that “I love X and I really care about him/her/it”, you will fall in love.

I am serious.

We should get married for a course, for a purpose, for a mission greater than ourselves.

You want to be asking yourself honest, candid questions such as “how exactly does this person fit into the big picture?”, “Will this person support my vision or will they run it into the ground?”, “Do they make me better and strive for higher standards?”

I have previously wrote that a spouse should do much more than just cooking, washing the clothes and popping out babies.

So, do not get married because of love, falling in love is easy. You want to get married because that person can help you; truly help you on your life’s journey.


To get married in purpose, you obviously need to figure out your purpose and what your big picture is. As my mentor always rings to my hearing: It is PURPOSE before PROPOSE, in that order.


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