Monthly Archive August 2016

ByAdemola Morebise

Right back up

It is important to develop a reputation for getting right back up, life will always hit hard, and you will go down below every now and then, but it is important to put things in perspective.

When you go down 99 times, as long as you get up a 100th time, you are fine – for the most part.

ByAdemola Morebise

It is your call

After you consult everybody and anybody on whatsoever issue, you have to realise that it is your call.

Do not let anybody ever bully you into thinking otherwise.

You need to step up and decide that: regardless of how it turns out, you will take responsibility for it; you will not go around crying about how terrible your advisory board is.

It was your call, you took it and now you will live with the outcome regardless.

ByAdemola Morebise

A week of possibilities

Every brand new week is full of possibilities, you can a lot done this week and you could also crash and burn this week and the week could just roll on without you doing anything meaningful or of long lasting value.

I can work hard and generate serious money this week or I could still have a broke week.

It can go both ways.

There are possibilities both ways.

Which should I choose to believe? How will my choice affect tasks I should execute this week? How will it affect my decisions this week?

ByAdemola Morebise

Perfection in imperfection

The very things that we view as imperfections also make us human. There is no shame or even weakness in being human.

Sure, we hail computers for their logic and precision and we want to rely solely on them, yet there is something about the human experience that just makes it so perfect despise all the imperfections we exhibit.

We must learn to embrace our humanness, we must learn to admit when we are vulnerable and weak – there is strength and magic in that. Our imperfections make us perfect.

ByAdemola Morebise

At what age do boys become men??

A boy becomes a man the day he decides. Becoming a man is not necessarily a product of biology, it is a product of a decision.

It is a decision that interestingly can be put off for as long as you want.

You cannot start any serious work or project without making this decision to take responsibility. Becoming a man means you are ready to step into your own space in your own right. It means you are ready to believe in yourself and start taking exercising some independence.

Sooner or later, everyone needs to man up, some of us manned up sooner than later and accepted responsibilities, some others evaded for as long as they could, until they were finally kicked out and forced to get to work.

You need to become a man, you need to accept responsibilities, the sooner you realise it is inevitable, the better.

Be bold, make that decision today.

ByAdemola Morebise

The danger of ever-assuming

Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge and it is certainly dangerous. Working on the field, you suddenly find yourself in all kinds of unpleasant situations which came about due to an assumption someone made along the line.

We must never assume. It is dangerous.

Never assume you have an ally or can count on the support of people unless you have certainly taken the time to properly probe and verify everything.

Most assumptions are caused by overconfidence and sometimes a little bit of arrogance.

You want to avoid both cases. I prefer to over-flog a matter by talking and talking and talking about it until it is clear to every single party what exactly the deal is and the expectations and deliverables expected from everybody.

Never assume you will get funding from anyone, verify first.

Never assume someone will give you their platform, ask first.

Never assume people will endorse your work, engage them first and be sure.

Never assume people are on your team, you have to be sure.

Never assume people know what the vision and mission is, discuss and discuss until they cannot get it twisted again.

Never assume your idea is the best, you must submit it to the rigors of scrutiny from skeptics and believers alike (you learn from both extremist views)

Never assume you are in a relationship of any kind, get it defined! What exactly are we doing? What is the deal??

Better to ask a thousand times and be sure than to assume it has been sorted and no need to ask at all.

ByAdemola Morebise

The Pokemon Go effect: Apple is smiling

Pokemon Go, a game that turns your neighborhood into a game using augmented reality is definitely one of the hottest things to emerge this year.

In between Niantic, the game developer and Nintendo/The Pokemon Company, the owners of the Pokemon franchise, another interesting player is making some cool cash from the game.

Apple, developers of the world famous iPhone are reportedly making $13 million everyday from Pokemon Go. Apple takes a neat 30% cut off every dollar people spend inside iOS apps. A 30% cut from the revenues generated from all those apps. Massive.

Be smart, be like Apple, invest any resource it will take you and build a platform. Once you own a platform, you can as well start making passive income as you tax people who need to use your platform.

Which platforms do you currently own, but you are not maximizing?

ByAdemola Morebise

Complete me, don’t compete me

Our world is competition crazy. Any new idea that thrives is soon subject to copying by other players in that industry.

Every night, many Entrepreneurs cannot sleep as they ponder over what to do now that the big names in their sectors are shamelessly copying their USP and adding it to their offerings.

The modern business landscape is such a brutal place, certainly not for the weak minded.

An alternative to all the competition is another approach which I call “Completing each other” or someone else says “Complementing each other”. It is not compulsory for us to compete everytime.

There is no reason several companies in the same industry cannot share a common framework and leverage each other’s strength. This mindset of me against the world will continue to kill us. Serious.

There are 7 billion people in the world, the odds that you can serve them all on your own is small, if we work together more often, we will reduce wastage and our overall output will increase.


Watching The World

Uber is pulling out of the competition in China, they will now ‘complete’ Didi, the market leader of the ride hailing industry and Uber can focus on other markets of the world.

ByAdemola Morebise

On taking things a day at a time

I recently counted the number of months on The Morebise Post website sidebar, about 25 of them where there. Keeping the post going for 25 straight months has not been an easy feat, most people would have just given up.

I now wonder if focusing on the fact that I wanted to write a post everyday and send it out before 5AM Nigerian time made it easier for me to get on the road, rather than focusing on long term goals like thinking about what #TMP would look like 25 months down the road.

I think taking things one day at a time might be a good way to approach our work. You have a solid overall vision in place – of course – but you choose to move ahead and work up steadily, rather than waiting and working out everything first before getting started. 

If you ask me where will #TMP be by August 1, 2026, truth is: I don’t know! 

What I do know is that the blog will still be standing, and we will keep discussing around the central themes of creativity, productivity, business and analysing all the things happening in industries that catch our attention. 

Does this mean I won’t set goals for #TMP? Not really. I will set goals and then try to match them, but I will never allow the rigours of goal-setting to rob me of the beauty of my day-to-day job. 

This is important. If we dwell too much on the grandeur of where we are going and the big overall vision (which ever resides in an undateable future), we might just fail to focus properly and work out the day-to-day tasks that will build up the future. 

ByAdemola Morebise

Nobody cares about you

Nobody care about who you are or what you do. Nobody gives a damn about your company’s cool name, brilliant logo and ideas.

Everybody only cares about themselves!

“The world revolves around me”, that is the truth. Everybody wants their world to revolve around them and that is the reality you have to deal with. That is the reality your marketing has to deal with before you can make any progress.

The next time you need to market something, do not go on about how awesome you are, nobody cares.

The first thing you need to do is to connect around the target audience’s desires, goals and aspirations. That is what gets you their full attention. Talk about the benefits you are bringing to them and not about all the amazing things you can do.

Nobody cares about you!

Get over it!