Before thrashing a business on social media

In these days of social media, it super easy to go online to shame companies for not delivering products and services as promised or for messing things up.

Things like that always leads to bad publicity that most companies would rather do without.

So, when a company we rely on to do the right thing messes us up, what should we do? We should speak up ofcourse, but this should only be done after efforts to resolve in private have not been satisfactorily handled.

The culture of running off to sound off angrily on social media is immaturity, it should be frowned upon. We all have our dirty linens tucked somewhere, away from the public view, we are all wearing one mask or the other in public.

This also applies even more for entrepreneurial minded people, as an Entrepreneur, chances are that you have also come short at one time or the other and had to rely on the kindness of the other person to scale through. There are growing pains at every business venture, and behind the scenes at most companies are chaotic.

Before you rush out to score points for thrashing another man’s business. Exhaust every other option.

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