Put in the hours

To succeed in your business requires investing the time required for it to work. It is wrong to do half-hearted work and give up, declaring that it is not working.

The word for someone starting his business is this: “things will work when you work it out”.

Paul Graham likes saying that Entrepreneurship is about compressing a normal 40 year work career into a few years, so that you can spend the rest of your life in a way only few people can.

So, the day you decided to start your own company is the day you also signed up for insane working hours.

The thinking that the boss works less is faulty. In places where they are making good progress and growing the business’ s footprints, the bosses are always up and running.

Your ecommerce site will work if you invest all the hours it needs to function everyday. Your side fabrics sale business will enter a new level when you take it seriously enough.

Get serious, put in the hours!

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