What I learnt as Apple sells its billionth iPhone

ByAdemola Morebise

What I learnt as Apple sells its billionth iPhone

Apple recently announced the sale of its billionth iPhone, this comes about 9 years after the first iPhones took the stage and kicked-off the current smartphone evolution.

Apple might have sold over 1 billion iPhones, however, it is also worth it to note that the iPhone business might just be over. The iPhone magic is fading, they are recording a sales decline on the iPhone for the second straight quarter.

I want to compare this with other members of the 1 billion club, things like Facebook, Gmail, and Youtube. When these guys hit 1 billion, we knew they could still go on to do more, for Apple and iPhone, maybe not so. Their seems to be a ceiling on how much you can play with screen size and camera power that interests us.

Continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and redefining the terms of how things should work is what has kept those thriving to continue to thrive.

I learn from this iPhone situation that we must work hard to breakthrough, and then work even harder to stay ahead.


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