We all wear masks

We all have various personas we invented to fit into various parts of the society. We all have masks, a face we present to the public while we have a private space, a place where we can cower up and cry on the inside.

The bravest of men do cry, but they do so under the big, bold mask they wear.

We have real reasons we do what we do, while we tell the whole world a right reason why we do them. The world is such a complicated stage drama, so many actors with so many motives. Every body has somebody they are pretending to be.

Mark Zuckerberg is pretending to be the CEO of Facebook. He has to create a mask for that task, and so regardless of what goes on behind the curtains, he’s not likely going to share those or allow it to bug down his work. The Mark Zuckerberg we all know is the mask he chose to present to the world.

He should not fight his wife last night and then take out the anger on his staff the next morning, and vice versa (his wife should not suffer for his staff’s shortcomings). He simply picks up his mask again.

So, who are you pretending to be? Every morning, pick up your mask and report for duty.

That is what we all do!


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