The Yahoo meltdown (and how my hero failed me)

ByAdemola Morebise

The Yahoo meltdown (and how my hero failed me)

It is the end of an era certainly as Yahoo! the big purple Internet giant was finally sold its core business for peanuts to Verizon, the same company that earlier acquired another Internet giant that faltered: AOL. The price tag for the deal at $4.8 billion is well below the $44bn Microsoft offered for Yahoo! in 2008 or the $125bn it was worth during their glory days.

I previously wrote that:

All the giants we see today, from Facebook to Google search to Windows will eventually get knocked off their perch. As the world evolves and becomes more mobile, many newer and brilliant ideas have emerged and everyone is on their toes. As to what the future holds, no one knows.

I personally felt Yahoo! could have done a better job than just selling out for about $4.8 billion, the company was never really beyond saving, but then, who could they hire to turn it around?

When Yahoo! hired Marissa Mayer in 2012, I was really happy and hopeful that the company was about to bounce back. Mayer was one of my favorite persons in technology and her work at Google was very crucial and important. However, as the years went by, it dawned on us all that she didn’t have what it takes to turn around the company.

We all thought she was a product visionary that would finally have the resources she needed to unleash her creativity upon the world, she failed. There has been no original idea or initiative launched from Yahoo! within her time there, with all her brilliance and superstar status in the global tech community, she failed.

We should all observe a minute of silence for Yahoo!, as for Marissa Mayer, better luck next time?


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