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ByAdemola Morebise

What will it take to fulfill your promises?

The company that wants to go far knows that the branding is very important.

Your brand is what people perceive you to be and not what you think you are. You therefore have to work very hard to ensure that what you think you are is also what the world thinks you are.

What will it take you to fulfill every promise you made to your customers?

What sacrifices will it require?

What will you have to say NO to?

Which (new) skills do you have to cultivate?

Can you draw up a plan that will help you make it work?

ByAdemola Morebise

So, what did you tell yourself this morning?

I believe words are powerful, I never underestimate the power of words. I believe words are not just words… They can carry spirit and they certainly can bring life or death to the hearer.

One of the greatest things that happened to me was around 2011 when I learnt from Scot Anderson and Pst. Poju Oyemade the concept of confessions. Having a written out and well thought confession that paints a picture of where you are headed and helps you to keep it front and center of your mind.

It certainly makes sense to confess that I’ve achieved my pre-set goals every morning, doing so makes me more mindful of them and I begin to find ways to execute them.

What did you tell yourself this morning??

In no more than 7-10 lines, you should write out confessions on a sheet of paper and read it out loud to yourself every morning. It will do you a lot of good.

As for me, every morning I boldly declare:

*The Morebise Creed*

In Rainfall or Sunshine

No matter what happens

I remain committed to building a house of invention, innovation, excellence and wealth.

Mr. Morebise & Company will continue to wax stronger and fly higher.

Everyday, together with the company, we will make giant strides towards fulfilling the vision.

ByAdemola Morebise

What I learnt as Apple sells its billionth iPhone

Apple recently announced the sale of its billionth iPhone, this comes about 9 years after the first iPhones took the stage and kicked-off the current smartphone evolution.

Apple might have sold over 1 billion iPhones, however, it is also worth it to note that the iPhone business might just be over. The iPhone magic is fading, they are recording a sales decline on the iPhone for the second straight quarter.

I want to compare this with other members of the 1 billion club, things like Facebook, Gmail, and Youtube. When these guys hit 1 billion, we knew they could still go on to do more, for Apple and iPhone, maybe not so. Their seems to be a ceiling on how much you can play with screen size and camera power that interests us.

Continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and redefining the terms of how things should work is what has kept those thriving to continue to thrive.

I learn from this iPhone situation that we must work hard to breakthrough, and then work even harder to stay ahead.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

We all wear masks

We all have various personas we invented to fit into various parts of the society. We all have masks, a face we present to the public while we have a private space, a place where we can cower up and cry on the inside.

The bravest of men do cry, but they do so under the big, bold mask they wear.

We have real reasons we do what we do, while we tell the whole world a right reason why we do them. The world is such a complicated stage drama, so many actors with so many motives. Every body has somebody they are pretending to be.

Mark Zuckerberg is pretending to be the CEO of Facebook. He has to create a mask for that task, and so regardless of what goes on behind the curtains, he’s not likely going to share those or allow it to bug down his work. The Mark Zuckerberg we all know is the mask he chose to present to the world.

He should not fight his wife last night and then take out the anger on his staff the next morning, and vice versa (his wife should not suffer for his staff’s shortcomings). He simply picks up his mask again.

So, who are you pretending to be? Every morning, pick up your mask and report for duty.

That is what we all do!


ByAdemola Morebise

Preparedness can only take you so far

In as much as you want to prepare very well for every enterprise you want to step into, you really do not want to over analyse and fall into the state known as analysis paralysis.

Analysis paralysis is when we analyse a situation so much that we then fail to proceed because we are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information we have uncovered.

It is definitely terrible to venture into any enterprise without some research and preparation. However, it is also not productive or useful to do so much research that you finally never set out due to over analysis.

The truth of the matter is that: preparedness can only take you so far, you must be ready to take leaps of faith at every turn.


ByAdemola Morebise

The Yahoo meltdown (and how my hero failed me)

It is the end of an era certainly as Yahoo! the big purple Internet giant was finally sold its core business for peanuts to Verizon, the same company that earlier acquired another Internet giant that faltered: AOL. The price tag for the deal at $4.8 billion is well below the $44bn Microsoft offered for Yahoo! in 2008 or the $125bn it was worth during their glory days.

I previously wrote that:

All the giants we see today, from Facebook to Google search to Windows will eventually get knocked off their perch. As the world evolves and becomes more mobile, many newer and brilliant ideas have emerged and everyone is on their toes. As to what the future holds, no one knows.

I personally felt Yahoo! could have done a better job than just selling out for about $4.8 billion, the company was never really beyond saving, but then, who could they hire to turn it around?

When Yahoo! hired Marissa Mayer in 2012, I was really happy and hopeful that the company was about to bounce back. Mayer was one of my favorite persons in technology and her work at Google was very crucial and important. However, as the years went by, it dawned on us all that she didn’t have what it takes to turn around the company.

We all thought she was a product visionary that would finally have the resources she needed to unleash her creativity upon the world, she failed. There has been no original idea or initiative launched from Yahoo! within her time there, with all her brilliance and superstar status in the global tech community, she failed.

We should all observe a minute of silence for Yahoo!, as for Marissa Mayer, better luck next time?


ByAdemola Morebise

The secret principle to move from where you are to where you want to be

We all have a higher level we aspire to operate from. We want to learn a new skill or create new steams of income or tackle a new challenge and we need to make that leap from HERE (our current situation) to THERE (our dream level or revelational level)

I have a secret principle for you.

The secret is that there are no secret principles or tricks or shortcuts to anything worthwhile. You need to study,  acquire information about what you want to do and practice what you are studying about.

That’s all!

Then over time, you realise you have mastered the art. You have made the leap!

It will not happen overnight, but the journey is usually as interesting as the destination itself.

ByAdemola Morebise

Committing to the vision first

We have to commit to the vision over everything else. Indeed, anything that gets in the way of working out the vision is most likely a distraction.

Distraction, as in distant attraction, designed to take away focus from where it really matters and on to things that do not really matter in the long run. We all need to develop that critical skill to be able to distinguish between things that are urgent and things that are truly important.

Everyday, a lot of people and issues will jostle for your limited time and attention, and you will find yourself side tracked every now and then. This is inevitable, a real vision does not manifest overnight, it will take some significant chunk of time investment for which there are no quick returns.

Fulfilling a vision requires 100% commitment, we must be completely focused if we will be able to get it done.


ByAdemola Morebise

Rather than waiting for someone to fund your idea, try this instead

For a first time Entrepreneur, the first thing to do after coming up with a new business idea is not to hunt for an investor. The chances that someone is out there waiting for your business pitch, in order to hand over a huge sum is little.

The alternative is to pick yourself and get to work. Bootstrap your way in. Show some skin, risk your own money and time, invest your own efforts.

The rush for investors and partners is simply misplaced energy.

The brutal truth is that people only invest in success. With so high rate of business failure, nobody wants to do high risk investments and as a first time entrepreneur with no track record, you are a high risk investment.

This is why nobody is handing you any cash.

The solution is to pick yourself, think small and look for an angle of the idea that you can start from with your own resources. Do not despise your days of little beginning.

There is always something you can do, an angle your own resources can execute.

Bootstrap your way up. Slow and steady still wins the race.

ByAdemola Morebise

Facebook drones take flight: Commit to the WHAT and not the HOW

As news emerged that Facebook has completed first test flight of its giant Internet drone, I remembered the words of Mark Zuckerberg at the last F8 conference. He told the crowd that if someone had told him 10 years ago that they would be building drones to deliver the internet, he would have told them they were out of their minds.

A quest to connect people on a website led to building a 737-sized Aquila, meant to fly on solar power at altitudes of 60,000 feet or more and deliver wireless Internet for three months at a time. Crazy! Who would have thought??

This then reminds me of a very important lesson for every innovator. We must define WHAT we are doing and clearly spell it out (i.e Facebook wants to connect everybody in the world to each other), but we must be flexible with HOW we want to do it.

Indeed, as newer technology is developed, better and more efficient ways of executing your vision will emerge and you have to adopt that.

If you are in the car business, you are doomed. However, if you are in the transportation business, you will always be relevant. People will always need to be transported, but people would not always need cars.

The goal is to move people and things from one place to another, the goal is not to use cars! (It is worth it to stop and think about this sentence)

Mark Zuckerberg recently said in an hangout that if he were to start over today, he would still work on connecting people. The only difference is that he would not start by building a website like he did in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg noted that if he were to build Facebook today, he’d probably use a mobile application or any “other future technology,” but the core concept would remain the same.

Commit to WHAT you want to do, as for the HOW, allow it to be malleable to change.