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ByAdemola Morebise

Who will Mark feature next?

So, in May, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder featured Jobberman. Last week, he featured Andela, both of them are tech start-ups started by Nigerians in Nigeria.

So, who will he feature next?

Any spiritual, physical, economic, moral or cultural law that stops you from been featured?

I don’t think so.

Get to work.

Produce good results, let your results draw the spotlight to you too.

ByAdemola Morebise

The forces that shape our destiny

I believe that there are forces that shapes our lives. Things do not just happen, life appears to be too ordered to be just a series of accidents like the Physicists would love us to believe.

There is a God in heaven that directs the affairs of men…. And there are real evil forces that sabotage us at every turn.

These forces are real and they are out there. However, you also should realise that you are helpless.

It is possible to team up with God and hence start shaping up a positive destiny for yourself hand-in-hand with The Creator himself. A bright future doesn’t “just happen” any more than good food just shows up in your kitchen.

Do not just leave your life open to ‘weathering’ effects, you can consciously build something awesome!

There are forces out there that shapes our destiny, you can get a hand on the pencil! Connect with God today, totally commit to his dictates and mode of operations, and see if you will not end up better for it.

ByAdemola Morebise

Uber steps into its 475th city

Uber has never made a secret of its desire to takeover the world. They are now rolling out services in their 9th African country and 475th city.

Uber has rode on the back of technology to become the biggest transportation company in the world without owning a single vehicle. Indeed, Uber owns NOTHING except a framework and a business model.

Uber is moving fast, spreading fast at any cost and crushing its competitors along the way. I belong to camp that is actually skeptic about Uber, but I have to salute their strategy.

I have dreams, not really vague dreams of powering cities with my tech innovations but I am yet to even roll out in my backyard, or the street sef. This is the part where I say “It is well”. Ha ha.

Truth remains that bright ideas remain bright ideas until we sit down and work it out.

The technology behind Uber is not so complicated, anybody can build a Uber-like app in 3 months, the challenge is in the execution.

ByAdemola Morebise

From humble beginnings and unto the biggest stages

I was excited and felt pumped up afresh to continue moving those mountains yesterday when Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook publicly disclosed that he was investing in Andela. The for-profit company  (everything does not have to be a NGO, ok?) runs a four-year program, the goal of which is to produce world-class developers. The first six months are a crash course in programming skills, and the last three and a half years are a full-time remote apprenticeship with global tech companies. Those companies pay Andela, which in turn pays its fellows an above-average local wage (for a developer) during the duration of the program.

Andela is the very first investment of the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative $40 billion behemoth. Andela might be marketed as a New York company with campuses in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya, but some of us have known Andela for a long time and we know that Andela is one of Nigeria’s success stories.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, the Nigerian co-founder has been very instrumental in Andela’s rise and is a valuable member of their team.

Just last month, this same Mark Zuckerberg commended Jobberman founders Olalekan Elude, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Opeyemi Awoyemi in his statement ushering the launch of in Nigeria. Another Nigerian company that started from humble beginnings.

Who would have thought Nigeria’s Start Up scene would ever have such big updates coming in a time like this?

Anything can happen, my own duty is to continuously work out the ideas and get things done everyday. In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “I will study and prepare myself, someday, my chance will come”.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

You need to want it bad enough

Anything you want to achieve in this life is possible, but you need to want it bad enough.

If you really want it , you will get it done, else… you will find an excuse. We all know how easy it is to find an excuse (and people will even understand). However, if you really, really want it, you also find a way.

I always tell people that “An excuse is just an excuse to put your brain to sleep”. If you do not hit an excuse roadblock, you will keep going until you finally hit a solution and the goals will be fulfilled.

When it seems progress cannot be made on any front, just ask yourself: how bad do I want this thing? What is the price I need to pay?

Look, to get ahead in this life requires a lot of sacrifices and thoughtful planning, I am not going to lie to you. Nothing interesting happens inside our comfort zones, we need to get out of it! A little discomfort per time is needed.

Every morning and every passing day, I have more and more excuses to not publish #TMP and even now that I am making some heavy tweaking to my long established daily routine, I know that publishing time for #TMP too might start to vary. However, if I do not want to so badly ensure I write everyday (even if nobody is reading), it is way easier to quit.

If you have seen the movie “The Prestige”, about 2 magicians whose rivalry led them into dangerous waters, you will get a glimpse of what I am talking about. They sacrificed their wives, families, 1 of them sacrificed his fingers… The other had to be willing to lay down his life. Just getting the job done at any cost. After I watched Will Smith’s “The Pursuit of Happyness”, the conclusion in my mind was that nobody has any excuse not to succeed in this life.

So, get out of here! Go and find a way to make it work!

If you really want success, you will find a way!


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Sleeping time is not idle time

A lot of productive people like to talk about how much sleeping is a waste of time and why we should all avoid sleeping. I do not subscribe to that view.

I rather believe that if I have worked hard round the clock, I deserve my 5 – 7 hour break to sleep and I should not feel guilty about sleeping. I really hope you are not one of those who draw up 24 hour schedules for work without adding time to sleep into the mix, it will not work.

It is totally pointless to continue working when you are tired. A little nap will do more good than stubbornly staying awake just to prove that you are not wasting time on sleeping. Sleeping is a valid part of the 24hr cycle just like eating.

Switching into higher productivity does not really start by reducing sleep time.

Start by optimizing your waking hours. Anyone who masters productivity can get more done in 12 hours, than the man who is up for 22hours every day and yet does not master productivity.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

How many rules will you break today?

Someone once said, to become great at anything, you first must learn all the rules that define the craft and then start looking at those rules and seek out the ones you can break.

I believe that unleashing your creativity means challenging existing ideas and conventions. it requires deviating from the well worn path. Yes, it will eventually involve annoying some people – the incumbents that are thriving based on the current system.

Breaking rules always sounds like a bad thing. Even illegal. Yet, we do conveniently seem to forget that every rule that is in existence to day was once outlawed or abiding in a gray area. Every expert in any field became an expert by learning rules that somebody created one day.

I do not go about telling people that I break hard rules everyday for a living, but I have that consciousness within…. To unleash my creativity upon the world, I have to break some rules.

In your profession, how many rules can you break and get away with it?

This is the origins of disruption.

ByAdemola Morebise

I am not in your class and we are not headed in the same direction…

Every man in his own class, for any class you belong to, there is a corresponding number of habits cultivated by people in that class that we will find common to them.

Every man is a product of his habits.

I am not in your class and we are not headed in the same direction, hence, I cannot copy your habits.

ByAdemola Morebise

The downtimes

I believe downtimes are preparation times.

Nobody stays down forever! A downtime is a season of life, and it is a good time to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. As long as you do not drop your faith and hope, things always take a turn for the better.

I recently learnt that the best of wells are usually the ones dug during the dry seasons. Downtimes therefore are best spent as moments of personal development and equipping.

How well you will do during the good times is determined how deep you dug in during the “downtimes”.

Good to be back after a downtime on #TMP.

ByAdemola Morebise

Getting ready to handle serious things

If you are serious about running a global company, you have to develop yourself to a level whereby you can handle it.

There’s a skillset that is required to run big companies, these skills can be learnt, of course but don’t go about thinking.

Some people are believing God for millions, yet they can barely satisfy their current customer size of 10. If you cannot handle 10 clients, how on earth will you be able to handle 1, 000 of them?

This is part of the reason company founders leave after starting a company. Different skillsets are required to run a company that is starting out or growing or a now mature company.