No, I wasn’t born this way

ByAdemola Morebise

No, I wasn’t born this way

Some people are just so productive, they were born that way… That is what they want you to believe, furthermore; they would prefer to get you thinking you cannot do what they do.

It is all baseless, I can assure you.

Nobody was born this way. Every master you see today was once a rookie.

Mastery is what happens when you make a decision to commit to a process and you follow through until you become a product. Any rookie that follows a process will become a product.

What processes are you going through? That’s what will determine your endpoint. A lot of people want to become something tangible in their future, but are not willing to commit to a process, so easy to see where it will all end: the ditch.

I think the modern academic movement has made us to lose the beauty of apprenticeship.

Many business teachers say most new Entrepreneurs should expect to fail in their first few businesses before they learn enough to be able to stay afloat. I disagree.

The Entrepreneur that has served and worked under another Entrepreneur and under studied her master thoroughly has no business failing.

So, I believe no one was born into mastery, we all acquired our skills by committing to processes that made us what we are now.

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