Empowerment vs Exploitation

I see various “empowerment” schemes and I see through the mist. They are mostly exploitation schemes.

The success story from most motivational seminars and workshops are usually the facilitator who gets to brag about the impact she has made from “empowering” 20, 000 youths. What a big lie!

We need to stop measuring our progress based on how many people were present at our seminars and measure the real things.

Look, this are the metrics I want to talk about:

  • How many people have you trained and have gone on to start businesses of their own or gotten a job using the new skills you taught them?
  • How many real jobs have you created this year?
  • How many people have you connected with opportunities?

Let us take a good look all around, you see jobless youths every where, not all of them are lazy and not willing to work. Most of them are genuinely blinded to the vast opportunities out there and it is your duty to enlighten them.

Do not go about exploiting people for your own ends and claim you are empowering people. Rubbish!


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