Curators needed

ByAdemola Morebise

Curators needed

Everyone is now creating content. Everyone and their dog and 2 cats can now easily start a blog around anything from business, dating, tech, design, anything and anything. Yet, as we all know, this development has only increased the amount of noise in the air.

With so much content out there, how do we sniff through and find only the best and relevant content?

This is where curation comes in. A curator analyses all the content and then serves end users only the best.

A lot of techies will be quick to start writing algorithms to do that, but personally, I would prefer a human being to sit down and curate it for us.

No code/algorithm can feel about something the same way a human being would.

I think curation services can be monetised, I know people who would pay to get the real deal rather than deal with an avalanche of info. We live in an information age, the challenge is no longer finding information, the major challenge we have now is to make sense of the information we have.

Going forward, curation might just be the new king of the web.


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