So, who gets the credit?

I agree with people who say that we would make much more progress as a race if we did not care too much about who got the credit. When it comes to our work and things we do, we always want to ensure we get the credit, we even go as far as siphoning the credit from others.

That is how things seem to work.

However, I have understudied Men of vision and I observed that such men are united in their resolve to just see things get done, regardless of who does it. All they really care about is that it has been done and that it is done properly.

Every now and then, people ask me if they can re-use my articles and resources and I give them permission to do so. Someone asked if it was ok to rehash my talks at public events and I also gave him a green light, I do not feel ripped off.

What is important to me is impact, I just need this knowledge and ideas to go out there! Deposited in the real world where it can light up another soul.

I am not afraid of people stealing my articles, people have been stealing my write-ups since forever, (but of course, if they fail to give due credit to whom it is due, they cannot prosper. It is a spiritual law folks!). If I am indeed the origin of the things discussed here, then I will keep producing originals (Only the origin of something can produce originals, you get?). If I keep obsessing over credits and recognition for every work I produce, I will just give myself unneeded heart issues.

I believe that if you work and others take the credit, don’t fret. Just hang on there and keep working, one day the tables will turn and the truth will come out. However, if you shy away from doing good because you might not get the credit for that action, you are killing yourself.

When a vision drives us, everybody wins.

Commit to the vision and not your own personal recognition.

Let vision thrive and kill off ambition.


Watching The World


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