Leadership and the welfare of the followers

I believe that as a business leader, whenever people sign up to work for you, you owe them a great deal. You have to do right by them, all the time.

The most precious thing we have is time, and if after weighing their options, they decided to hand over their time (and life) to your service, it is only fair that you reciprocate by making sure they have everything they need to be happy and remain productive.

Anybody that signs up to work for you 8AM – 4PM has sacrificed to you that most important part of their day. That time period is the most profitable of the day and is supposed to be tied to the biggest returns.

I therefore hold that it is irresponsibility for you to owe your staff.

Hard times might come knocking, if it does, let it be clear to everyone that the chips are down and that we will get through it together.

You do not ask your staff to hang on while you continue to live large and cruise around the world.

When scarcity hits a household, the parents feed the children first, the wife next and the man eats whatever is left. It is the man that sacrifices for the family…. The man doesn’t say “I need to eat so that I can have strength to go and look for more money”.

I therefore wonder if there be any proof that in those states where salaries have been owed for several months, that the top government officials there, especially the governor of the state has also not been paid. Do not ask people to be patient with you when you continue to live large while your staff are starving. 

A business leader needs to do better.

A business leader should realise that she literally controls the lives of her staff and all the lives that depend on them. Smart business leaders never joke with the welfare of their staff.


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