The growing trend of mobile internet users and the opportunity for us

I have my eye on the African mobile trends 2016 from Jumia as seen on this TechCabal article.

It once again reiterates that people are coming online and staying online (without the big blue social company’s help – I should add). People coming online creates a great opportunity for correct thinking people to cash in.

I expect Mobile Commerce to grow exponentially over the next few years. Anything you currently buy without using the internet will soon be available online, it is now left for you to wait for someone to start selling it online so that you can patronise them or you can start the operation.

Yes, you can start the operation. You do not need to raise millions of dollars from investors just to start a simple online commerce operation, start small and grow big over time. If you start this year, think of how big you will become by 2020.

The internet is a BIG LOAF of bread, every man can make his own cut from it and there will still be a large chunk left.

Here is a simple game I play, I mention a sector and if no online operation comes top-of-mind, that means there is no “market leader” yet and as such…. anything can happen.

For general shopping, Konga and Jumia are top-of-the-mind and so, we should probably skip that. For gossip blogging, there is this Linda lady that claims that spot too, so, let’s also skip. Social networking is saturated with Facebook, Whatsapp, 2go and the rest, skipped as well.

What we do have is a large uncharted territory, domain specific operations will thrive. Things like online bookstores, food delivery, mobile learning platforms, and other niche marketplaces. You can easily build something there. It is a BIG LOAF.

This is our chance to do something, we must not fail to take advantage of this opportunity.


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