The push into awesome

Sometimes we need a push, something that will force us to go out and be phenomenal.

A friend of mine is always fond of asking me “Ademola, what is pushing you? Wetin you dey find?”

I did not become this driven and resolute in my pursuits to move mountains overnight, indeed, a lot of things (mostly unpleasant) happened to me and my response to it all probably made the difference.

I know adversity can bring out the worst in a man, but then, it can also bring out the best version of you.

We all need external factors to push us to work, I believe that is what the law of inertia describes; we will all remain in our state of rest or comfort until something snaps us out of it. We need a boss, a woman, a mentor, a father figure that can honestly analyse us and say “Ademola, you can do better than moving molehills, stones and pebbles, you can become awesome!”.

It takes a push to move up the ladder and take on more important jobs, more tasking jobs that also pay better.

By default, we are just humans that like conserving our energy. Sometimes, only an external push can do the job.


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