What is worth my time right now? Why?

There is always a million things to do everyday, picking the ones you need to do personally and the ones you really ought to delegate is the difference between great Entrepreneurs, good Entrepreneurs and the mediocre ones.

I have always tried to master the art of delegation, realising that it is the key to true productivity. When I delegate, I free up mental and physical room to do something else, while the delegated task is going on simultaneously. it is tricky because it takes away some control from you and when you like things to be done in a certain way, it can certainly lead to some issues.

However, many business leaders have over time maintained that one of the most important job of the entrepreneur is to FIRE HERSELF over and over, repeatedly.

Anything you do day-to-day must be constantly reviewed and you must continue to fire yourself by handing over that role to someone else, while you yourself take on a new task.

So, I ask myself everyday: What is the task we need to do today that is worth my personal time and cannot be delegated?  Why should I do it?

The answers I give always surprises me too.


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