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ByAdemola Morebise

You can get started right now

Bill Gates (Microsoft) started at 19
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) started at 19
Jeff Bezos (Amazon) started at 31
Colonel Sanders (KFC) started at 66
Moses, the Man of God started at 80.

Young people who figured it out early started. Old people who figured it out late also got started.

There no magical age at which we all must start or die. A fool at 40 is not necessarily a fool for life.

You can start right now, not until you are an old man full of regrets.

You can start!

ByAdemola Morebise

One thing every innovator must take to heart

Innovations do not happen in a vacuum.

There has to be a gradual process, human beings respond slowly to change in the familiar. If your ideas come from too far out in the future and it doesnt look so close to what they have on ground now, you are in danger of alienating the people you set out to serve.

Innovators also tend to dream up ideas that just won’t work because they are just not practical and cannot break through existing barriers.

Some people that consider themselves as “techies” or “tech entrepreneurs” think that all they need to do is to build an app. Just build an app and all the problems will go away… Make a slick interface, make it location-aware and use various APIs to add some more awesomeness into the product.

You end up with a beautiful app that is practically useless for all intents and purposes.

They missed it because they developed these things in a vacuum, without feedback from the people they were building it for.

When I see people pitching ideas that would have been useful but now implemented badly, I usually observed that they didn’t pay enough attention to the domain.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Stepping up, backing words with work

I love it when people raise up their hand to say “Yes, I can do it”… Even though they do not know how to get it done!

I have made an habit to NEVER SAY NO when people make requests from me. I have Google search and the Jamsa network at my disposal, I can quickly get more information about it or find an expert that I can recommend. Saying no or it cannot be done is never an option.

The challenge however is this: whenever you raise your hand to say “I can”, also be prepared to scale up your efforts, be prepared to work hard to complete the task in an excellent manner. it is a very bad thing to make promises and then never fulfill them, it is worse when you appeal to people’s emotions by offering excuses instead.

Back your words with action.

Back your promises with hard work.

Don’t be lame.

Don’t hold yourself to lesser standards.

If #TMP is supposed to be delivered before 5AM (Nigerian Time), every single day, I should scale up to get it done.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

The thing about knocking

The thing about knocking on doors is that if you continuously and persistently knock, a door will eventually open.

If you keep telling everybody you are an online marketer, somebody will eventually hire you after you try and try and try!

I guess the key is to continue knocking, continue trying.


The option to build your own door is always available.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Flip it on its head; bad can become good

There’s one perspective I have developed over the years… And that is the idea that bad incidences can be flipped on its head and turned into good.

Everybody should learn how to turn bad incidences into good luck. We must always have an attitude of “I can turn things around”.

So, rather than going around feeling dejected and disadvantaged. Just pick yourself up and get to work! You can flip it on its head…. you can turn bad luck into good luck.

It will make you stronger.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

That time investment

With focus and time, every problem will melt away as a solution appears. There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem and the only question really is this:

Is the problem worth the time investment?

Solving problems require a lot of thinking through in order to draft the perfect response, some things cannot be rushed.

The reason you pay a mechanic to fix your car is not because you are too dumb to learn how to do it yourself, rather it is not worth your time to learn how to fix cars because you are probably very happy with your current profession.

We all get 24 hours in a day, no more, no less and it is now left to us to determine the best ways to invest that time. It is the things we invest that time into that makes or mars us in the long term.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Going where no one has gone before

Doing things that are not proven, tested and trusted are not necessarily more difficult. It just takes more confidence. You will not be able to rely on a lot of people for advise and guidance since basically, no one could have tried it before.

How high we can go in this life is directly influenced by how bold we could dare to be.

It is a good idea to me that one works on things that allows some margin of failure, working on things that you cannot see a clear ending. Going where no on has gone before produces exciting challenges and creates real room for growth. We need to take some more risks.

Going where no one has dared to go before is what pays huge (if it works, else you burn badly)


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

The reason we will succeed

Philosophers and analysts throughout the ages have been often obsessed with figuring out how successful people became successful.

It has been long established that the only thing the richest people in the world have in common is that they have nothing in common. Anyone can become great regardless of their physical location or occupation or gender or race.

I now believe strongly that the reason we will succeed at anything will not be because we have the best ideas or we are the best marketers on the planet or because we are just so smooth.

Nope. Many people have these very same traits and still tanked!

The reason we will succeed will be because God is backing us up to succeed.

That is why regardless of the challenges we may meet on the way, we won’t panic and run away. Someone has got our back.

This implies that I need to have faith in my God than in my ideas or any natural ability, afterall… people with much better natural abilities than I could ever amass have also failed.

This is how I see it and I think this is the one thing that could really bring in success in this trying times.

ByAdemola Morebise

Who has your full attention?

When I just started the #TMP operation, someone unsubscribed from #TMP and my first reaction was “ouch”!

“My posts must have really turned bad.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have commited to write everyday!”

“I’ll run out of things to say!”

So, I started to re-read the most recent 10 or so posts. Trying to understand what might have pissed off my subscriber.

After finding no fault, I chatted up some subscribers on my BBM and Whatsapp seeking their comments on most recent entries of #TMP. I got commended; the posts are great!

I was going paranoid!

A few days later, the same subscriber re-subscribed. Unsubscribed by accident and now re-subscribed.

Phew! Lesson learnt!

I have learnt to pay attention and focus to my work and the people it serves as opposed to running after everybody.

Not everybody will get what I want to do – and its OK. Planning to please everybody is a recipe for disaster.

It seems by default that as human beings, we tend to pay too much attention to criticism and people that hurt us than to people that love us and encourage us.

We tend to pay more attention to the 3 people seated at the back and not paying attention to us, than to the 497 other people in the room listening with rapt attention.

We tend to offer ridiculous concessions to the pain-in-the-side customers and lord it over the loyal customers that really love us.

I choose to give my full attention to people who care enough to give me theirs.

That’s how I think it should be.

ByAdemola Morebise

You need to run

A man that is serious about doing great things is always on the move.

Always running. Always moving towards the next business goals and checkpoint.

(In this post, I took the liberty of assuming that you actually have some goals and checkpoints you are working towards)

Ever planning. Ever scheming… You don’t do great things on the side. It has to become a daily affair.

Every victory is well celebrated but we do not dwell on them for too long. No matter how brilliant and successful the previous quarter was, its back to the drawing board.

Its on to the next (business) milestone.