Teaching knowledge vs information transfer

Most people believe teaching is a transfer of information. I think it is much more than that.

“Teaching is not merely information transfer, it is the impartation of experiential knowledge.”

Until the information you have acquired become your knowledge, you should not be out there teaching anything.

Everybody wants to teach, everybody wants to be the go-to expert and its OK. What is NOT OK is not waiting patiently for real knowledge to develop as you apply the information you have acquired.

Information is acquired. Knowledge is developed.

I like reading books and listening to people who have experiential knowledge to impart upon me. I love reading blogs run by real Entrepreneurs that are running real companies that provide tangible products and services as opposed to “Entrepreneurs” that talk, write and train for a living.

I heard they call it knowledge-based companies. I call it what it really is: BS.

There are a lot of things I’ve acquired information about but can’t teach yet. I don’t have enough knowledge to do so.

I stick to things I can easily teach like starting businesses and online marketing and some “leadership skin” I developed by leading various teams and communities of different sizes.

I suspect that this is why people find my posts useful. I stick to things I’m knowledgeable about and I try not to stray away and assume I’m an expert in other things.

The Pharisees and Jesus taught people using the same book of the law, but because Jesus had experiential knowledge, he was able to make more impact than the “teachers of the law” who were merely transferring the information Moses developed to the people.

Motivational speakers and more than half of all these coaches that are springing up everywhere need to STFU and dig deeper into themselves and create organisations of real value.

I think it is time to stop motivating people with words, let them be motivated by your results instead.

It is time to stop talking and blogging and get to work. Act first, document later!

The world needs you to impart experiential knowledge and not to transfer the information you have received.


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