Defer to the long term

ByAdemola Morebise

Defer to the long term

I have learnt the hard way that it is way better to always consider decisions in the light of the long term.

We need to resist the urge to make decisions and take actions only because of short term gains. Our eyes need to remain on the grand prize. Making decisions that turn out to be kobo-wise but naira-foolish is a real killer.

Short-sighted and greedy folks do not think this way ofcourse. Like Esau, they feel that if they do not get returns right now… they will die. A feeling that is greatly exaggerated.

Jeff Bezos’s work at Amazon is a testimony to the amazing power of always thinking in terms of the long term. For a very long time he ran Amazon without generating profits as he kept using the resources available to expand the business as opposed to declaring a pay day.

Today, the fruits of that mission are beginning to show. It has taken nearly 20 years, but today they are in a very good spot.

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