The iPhone stumbles: No such thing as an unassailable lead

ByAdemola Morebise

The iPhone stumbles: No such thing as an unassailable lead

Apple Inc. posted its first quarterly decline in revenue in 13 years, ending a historically great run for the world’s most valuable company and stoking questions about whether its best days are behind it.

No doubt, they have to pull another rabbit out of their hat now. The iPhone, iPad and all the other i-things are no longer the new and shiny toys they used to be.

That is however, not my focus.

My focus is upon the fact that even though Apple’s iPhone was the number 1 phone in the world and it looked like that trend would continue forever, we are now seeing signs of a crack.

Facebook is at 1.5 billion people or so today. If anyone told you that they are building a new social networking platform that will eventually eclipse Facebook, you would offer to send them to a doctor that can get their heads examined. Yet, it is not impossible.

I pointed out the other day that even though 1 billion used Facebook in a single day, there were another 6 billion people who didn’t use Facebook that day.

In business, in the real world… No such thing as an unassailable lead.

A new venture I start today can grow into a world power and the current world powers will step aside as I grow stronger.


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