All the answers

ByAdemola Morebise

All the answers

Starting a business is not really about knowing all the answers at kickoff.

It is about been willing to work everything out diligently and learn and adapt as the journey unfolds.

The past few weeks has been quite busy and eventful as I rolled up my sleeves to dig in deep and begin to work out some of my ideas into fruition. I don’t have them all figured out. But I’m willing to work it all out.

Indeed, trying to figure them out completely was the killer… That’s what slowed me down and kept me from picking a date.

So, I embraced a new route: do I know enough about what I want to do inorder to start something? The answer is usually yes.

Then, brick by brick, a little here and a little there… I iterate, everyday. Constantly improving it, watching out how people interact with it and all that.

Then finally, I get all the answers.

Companies that even start out thinking they have it all figured out usually still have to re-think at some point on the journey. No one has all the answers.

The real thing is: are you willing to try?

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