Why should you start small?

ByAdemola Morebise

Why should you start small?

Start small. That’s what wise people advise everybody to do.

No matter how grand the vision is, there must be a little starting place you can get started from.

What starting small does for you is that it installs operational capacity.

All dreamers soon realise that it takes a completely different skillset to work out an idea than it is to dream it up in the first place.

Starting small makes even the hardest things doable and a bit more realistic. You are no longer talking about meetings and collaborations with big players that you honestly have nothing to offer.

You are now able to just reach out and get the ball rolling, starting small does that for you. Starting big will require waiting for all the stars (or rather, most of it) to align. From experience, that’s such a rare event.

Why then is it difficult for us to decide to start small?

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