Game changer

I believe that to be massively successful, you need to make one or two game changing moves.

Completely change the rules of the game or the playing field or both. This is what cements a place for you.

Game changing moves weakens the competition extensively, uprooting the establishment and crowning new kings.

Making a game changing move is not difficult, in theory, anyone can do it. It simply requires thinking differently, looking outside-the-box and having the boldness to act it out.

To change the game, you would need to constructively take-apart the game and understand it well. Then study the top guys, find their weak spot and ride to the top by exploiting the loop holes.

All the companies that changed the game followed this plan. Amazon, Facebook, Google and co. They made smart moves that left their competitors in the cold.

Today’s easter break is held in remembrance of a game changing event that happened thousands of years ago. A powerful move that changed the game’s rules and the playing field altogether. Only The Divinity could plan and execute such a bold move.

The other side never saw it coming.

No matter how big or small your playing field is, you need to look for how you can perform a game changing move. That’s what can keep you in the game for long and on your own terms.

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