Just pick a date and move

ByAdemola Morebise

Just pick a date and move

I am losing my patience with people who are starting their ideas “soon”. Soon, an undefined time in the future that could be 9 months, 3 years or 25 years.

Just pick a date.

Pick a kick-off date.

Pick the date and sincerely work towards setting out on that date.

Commit to starting on that date regardless of whether it feels finished or not. Just commit to the date and start the journey.

In my 10 years of building stuff, I’ve learnt that it is not money or time or resources that stop projects. It is that decision to pick a date.

If you haven’t picked a date, then we all know you are really stalling…

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Ademola Morebise is an Inventor by Night, Business consultant by Day and a Teacher in between. He writes the #TMP daily devotionals for upwardly mobile professionals.