Locked in

A lot of people are locked in the wrong relationships, wrong jobs, wrong partnerships and it seems there’s nothing they can do about.

Moving on almost seems impossible.

Opportunities present themselves every now and then, but for the person “locked in”… He cannot make any fresh headway.

Here’s the thing: every commitment, every decision we make is probably the best (or the most appropriate) one we can make right now based on available information and experience. However, as more information is received, we should know that things are changing.

We must not allow people to co-opt us into their operations and then deprive us a chance to move on if something bigger presents itself.

(This is why we encourage people to pray before they marry, you want to be sure both of you will continue to remain relevant to each other for life… A marriage contract is not like any other contract you know?)

It is not about been selfish and wanting to move on. It is about catching a glimpse of a vision that appeals to your heart and wanting to respond to it.

Locking in to mediocre ideas, jobs, relationships and *insert more words* here is a killer. It wrecks you in the short term and drains your life force in the long term.

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