Higher than low hanging fruit

By default, human beings want to do the least amount of work needed to be done inorder to get some result.

It is not laziness. Its energy conservation (LOL)

So, many people also set out in business with the same mentality: what’s the easiest way to start a business?

The challenge with these is that you will end up in a crowded market. You’ll all be fighting for low hanging fruit… The base of the market.

The businesses that can be done will be the common businesses, things everybody already know well and do.

If there are too many people offering what you offer and you don’t have a clear way to differentiate yourself, you won’t be able to price your products/services effectively.

The alternative: move higher! It takes more thinking, planning, (prayer and fasting) to move up. Not everyone wants to spend that energy.

You win.

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