Acquiring Strength

Becoming stronger in mind, body and spirit requires engaging in rigorous challenges.

Strength is acquired, it cannot be donated.

My father cannot confer upon me his many years of experience in civil engineering. He’s been building before I was born!

In as much as we need to seek out mentors and work with some guidance, there’s still some things we’ll just need to experience by ourselves.

When we take on challenges head-on and not try to dodge or pass it on to someone else, we begin to accumulate strength. The challenges popping up left, right and center are actually helping you become a stronger man

That is why you need to get out of your comfort zone! Nothing interesting happens there!

Every bottleneck we face on our way tasks us to rise up to the challenge and solve it. Its either you solve it and move on to the next level or you goof and have to ‘try again’.

Many people think having a problem-free life is the ultimate, its not. God allows us to encounter various challenges so that we may learn and become strong.

Unlike the educational system that seeks to promote everybody at the end of every academic year, the lessons and goals God expects us to complete are not waived. If you do not learn the things you need to learn on-time and move on. You get stalled.

The journey ahead is much more than the little we’ve covered and so, we need all the strength we can develop.

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