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ByAdemola Morebise

My mum “Whatsapped” me

One of the big moments of 2015 for me was the day I got a message from my Mum on Whatsapp messenger.

I rubbed my eyes and rolled my totem* just to be sure I was not dreaming again… I was staring at a Whatsapp message from my Mum!

Why is this #TMP worthy?

It shows a shift in technology usage. And one of my many jobs is to keep track of digital tech and document how it is changing how business is done.

That hello from mum on Whatsapp was as dramatic as the first phone call some of the older folks got from their parents (I do remember my Dad expressing similar feelings after my grand mother called him for the first time!).

A little while ago, Whatsapp announced that it had crossed the billion user mark. More and more people are coming online to Whatsapp, the more efficient way to text people in these parts. As they come on Whatsapp, it opens up a lot of possibilities.

Last week, a woman marketing educational products on Whatsapp made nearly NGN20, 000 in profit.

One woman and her mobile phone.

I think it is time to take a critical look at Whatsapp and start asking: how can I use Whatsapp as a platform to achieve some of my goals?

Indeed, it is time to start drafting Whatsapp plans. The people are there and we can reach them there and we can deliver immense value.

*totem: from that brilliant movie: Inception (2010).


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Optimise like crazy

We are all in the business of optimisation.

We all have to start from a seed of an idea and then grow it up, ready to face the unforeseen and unplanned for. If you will keep waking up everyday and have a job to attend to, you must be obsessed with optimisation.

Business processes have to be optimised. Questions like “How can we improve service delivery by 10% this week?” should be top-of-the-mind. Bit by bit, process by process, we have to optimise like crazy! We have to get better at what we do, get very good at it and then we will be able to extract more value out of it.

If you keep tweaking your business every now and then, you stay relevant and avoid becoming stale.

Once we have clearly laid out the business goals for the week/month/quarter, we need to focus and optimise everything in order to smoothen the ride.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Before saying No to your clients, try this

Try to educate the client.

Many clients are genuinely clueless about how the system works and hence they’ll demand things that are just crazy.
So, rather than barking down an equally crazy sounding NO. Try to explain and educate the client.

ByAdemola Morebise

You can now borrow my brain

Beyond reading and searching through the archives of The Morebise Post, sometimes you find that you need to talk to me one-on-one and get more direct guidance on what to do or how to get it done better.

So, I went ahead to create a Borrow My Brain service on #TMP.

Would you want to speak to me about your new ideas, current business challenges, or other topics within the sphere of business, technology, marketing, creativity, and productivity? Schedule a Borrow my brain session and get started.

Over the years, I have worked with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, small business owners and NGOs uncover answers that matter. I can help you, too.

I am the kind of guy you can discuss your ideas with — someone to help you clear the fog, provide strategic advice, and help you take decisive action. Indeed, action taking is where I excel.

What is included?

  • 1 hour one-on-one consulting
  • Review of relevant materials prior to the consulting session
  • Diving into the topic with key takeaways
  • Action items to implement

How does this work?

Simply request a session, I’ll confirm date and send you a payment request, then we decide on the exact time for your session. At the scheduled time, we’ll jump on Skype or phone.

Please note that each session of Borrow My Brain requires some financial investment on your part. Don’t worry, you simply pay what you want for now.

Click here to get started.


Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

Beyond having a website with a brilliant logo, you also need to do this

After setting up a website for the business, you cannot just got to sleep and think everything else will fall in place. You have to ensure you keep your website content fresh and relevant to your target clients.

Nowadays, your website has to educate people so that they know, like, and trust your brand enough to do business with you.


Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

An eye out for the business

As the world celebrates all sort of things (whether worth celebrating or not), our own job is to keep an eye out for the business aspect of it.

Every celebration, every anniversary is a great chance to indulge and do things people do not usually do day-to-day. Spending patterns during any festive period is crazy.

We have to remember that buying is more emotional than rational. People do not necessarily buy one brand over the other because it is superior to the other, they buy because of the way they feel about the brand.

That is why once you have a brand people trust and love, don’t screw it. Rather grab a chair and milk them….

So, with every wave of festivals and celebrations coming up, position yourself in the place of how to make money off it. That’s the smart thing to do.


ByAdemola Morebise

Some things just require that time investment

A lot of people want great things to happen, but are not willing to invest the time required.

I am sought out by a lot of people who are hoping to learn skills and concepts in digital technology or business from me and by the time discussion shifts to issues like how long they would need to learn or how they would juggle all the things in their life, it becomes obvious that they are not willing to dig deep.

Some things are non-negotiable, you cannot do great things on the side. You have to decide on what things are most important to you, then you focus very well on them. Allocate the time you need and then you can make something worthwhile out of it.

I think all the movie watching has created an unintended side effect: we expect things to play out fast, but this ain’t the movies!

If you truly want to become phenomenal in anything you doing, you have to invest the time required.


Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

How to get extra ideas for doing anything

There is always more than one way of getting anything done. It is your job to ensure you create an atmosphere that allows everyone to air their views.

Even if we still go with your ideas, you would find out that you are benefiting from the diverse ideas shared. You could borrow concepts from various sources and emerge with a much better idea.

For every time you deny others a chance to actually contribute to the matter at end. You are short changing yourself.

“Why only use your staff’s hands and legs when you could also use their brains for free?”

This is why it is important to have a truly diverse team, people from different backgrounds, from different walks of life ensures everyone present doesn’t merely confirm the views of the other, but each sees things differently and are free to explore.

If everyone on your team is “like you”, you don’t have a team. Probe deeper, you just might have surrounded yourself with “Yes Men” without you knowing.

The right atmosphere and a diverse team. Critical ingredients.

ByAdemola Morebise

The key to avoiding becoming irrelevant in this modern times

Today’s world moves at a very fast pace. We have to be addicted to constantly improving our craft or get sidetracked.

If I’ve not seen you in the last 6 months, I should be asking for a re-introduction. Much should have changed about you.

We should be learning new skills everyday and discarding obsolete ideas everyday also. Indeed, the illiterates of this modern era are not those who can’t read and write… It is those who do not commit to learning, unlearning and re-learning various skills.

ByAdemola Morebise

What they want to hear or what they need to hear?

When you deal with any form of audience, you soon need to choose a side.

If you focus on what you think they need to hear, you might soon find yourself preaching to an empty room. Yet, if you started saying what they want to hear, you soon feel you are just not impacting them as much as you should.

I think it is important to pick a side, pick a message and stick to it. Some will hate you for this and of course, some will love you extra for this.

Anyway, anyhow, it is important to keep the message pure and straightforward. When people need to hear the truth, they know exactly who and where to get it from.