The first step to building out your idea

It has to be some real world feedback.

The first step towards building out any idea you might have is to talk to your target audience, the people your idea is for and sell them the idea.

If you applied this to your business ideas, chances of starting a business that is out of tune is minimised.

It is a known fact that most ideas, products, business models never survive in their initial form when they meet real world usage. The sooner you get real world feedback, the better.

So, if you have an idea you are nursing, the first thing is to call up 10 people you consider would be your customers and sell them your idea. Do they think it is useful? How much would they be willing to pay for this? What features would they need that you have not included?

After these initial 10 conversations, sit down and review your idea – remove and add as needed.

Then go out and talk to 10 more people. Repeat.

After these initial 20 conversations, you are ready to start building. (That’s assuming the idea survives the 20 conversations)


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