Is this everything?

ByAdemola Morebise

Is this everything?

Its time to start asking questions: Is this all I can become in 2016?

What grace, ability, wisdom, and capacity has God put in me that I am yet to tap into? What do I need to do to tap into it?

Its obvious to me that I need to become aggressive enough in order to work at my full capacity.

There’s that nudging deep within that you have all it takes to be better than this, bigger than this.

We can all do better, certainly! And we need to dig deep within to see it.

What practical steps and decisions will you make this year to break off your own set limit and set a new record?

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Ademola Morebise is an Inventor by Night, Business consultant by Day and a Teacher in between. He writes the #TMP daily devotionals for upwardly mobile professionals.