Making money every single day

My business model is to make money everyday. That’s my drive. That’s my dream!

Ever since I was a small boy mature enough to understand the concept of money, poverty and wealth, I decided I would not be a contract-preneur getting large chunks of money once in a while. I rather wanted to make money everyday. Even if its in trickles.

I can’t go to work in a conventional company either. How on earth will I get paid only 12 times in a year? I don’t want that for myself…

At this stage, I’ll prefer to make NGN10, 000 everyday than collect a NGN1, 000, 000 pay check every month even though its obvious that collecting NGN1 million every month will make more money in the long run (NGN12 million!).

It is way easier for me to scale up my NGN10, 000 per day business into something bigger (open more business outlets, branch out into new areas, or optimise the current operations) than it is to scale up the salary.

My bulk SMS operations do not make me millions everyday as at now, but its an ‘invisible’ income stream. Just quietly making me cash while I run after bigger things. Of course, plans are now underway to scale it up into a bigger monster.

I think it sucks when a single client is responsible for over 90% of your company’s revenue. You are practically subject to their wimps, you have to do anything you can to keep them satisfied and yet they can still dump you at anytime. If you have seen the TV series “Mr Robot”, you will understand this better.

I’m convinced making money every single day from multiple sources is a goal we should all be working towards.

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