From Money Makers Wall to GYB

It was in 2010 I conceived an online space for people interested in learning how to make money online. The idea was that a newbie could join the site, interact with people who have done it before, get ideas and consult them and get started.

I dubbed the site Money Makers Wall and got started.

The project failed. I rolled with the wrong guys.

I had explained the idea to a lot of people and decided to team up with 2 other people who seemed to understand the idea, but we just couldn’t deliver. I moved on.

In 2014, after a lot of interaction with different people, I knew I needed to revisit the project, this time not even limiting it to only online businesses. All businesses welcome. One thing led to the other and I ended up with GYB: Grow Your Business.

I think often about some of the things I’m working on presently. None are new ideas… They are all things I worked on before and failed at them and then moved on.

I don’t have new ideas. I merely have gathered more wisdom since the last outing.

Every time we fail is a chance to start all over again, but each time more intelligently!

Every now and then, I ask myself: what if I didn’t shutter Money Makers Wall? What if rather than kill it off, I had tried to fix it immediately? The result would have been that those 4 years ‘wasted’ in between 2011 – 2015 when GYB started, I would certainly have struck gold with Money Makers Wall by building a very valuable business resource for people.

When you are sure you have found a project that resonates with your heart and soul. A project that seems to convey your existence to people, never give up on it. Continue to work it out, don’t go looking for new ideas, what would you need such for?

We have to learn to patiently work out our ideas and not abandon them only to revisit them 4 years later.

You don’t need a new idea. Make your existing ones work.

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