The lion and the bear

Every time we have to face a new challenge, we can confidently go forward with boldness if we go in full consciousness of the “little wins” we have had before.

Every little project, every little task we have ever done equips us and makes us better.

I am drawing a parallel with King David’s story. In that legend, he took his work of shepherding so seriously that when a lion attacked his flock, he killed off the lion. He could have ran away, everyone would understand.

A bear also came calling and suffered the same fate.

The day a warrior named Goliath challenged David’s nation to a winner-takes-all fight, David (with no military training) stepped up and won the challenge.

If I could figure out and execute the smaller things, I am more than qualified to take on bigger things.

I cannot keep on chasing lions and bears forever, where’s the growth in that? Every lion and bear I had to deal with was preparing for the day a Goliath would come calling.

When Goliath knocks, I brace myself… Same faith, just different targets.


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