Hunting for the killer idea

When we set out to start a new business we are tempted to take a look out there and see what works and then make a pick. I do not subscribe to this view.

The reason been that doing so puts you behind the curve. You will probably have to engage in a price war to win customers, everybody already doing the same thing you ventured into will keep lowering prices just to win more customers.

I prefer to sit still and listen to that voice on the inside of me.

This is because for any business to succeed, it will need all the help it can get. An idea from God is the biggest boost and surety that the business endeavour will succeed.

I hope you are in the league of people who trust God more than they trust their business schools and business coaches. Indeed, following God requires true vision and a sense of purpose.

Hunting for a killer business idea that will bring you real wealth will require some deep original thinking. Grasshopper minds won’t get it done; you would need to think like a giant. Thinking with the complete confidence (faith) that whether you have $4 or $4 million in your pocket, you can get all the resources you need to execute whatever idea pops into- your head.

The doubts we have are always inside our head, while the answers are always there – inside our hearts.

I cannot shake off the feeling that more people would make progress if they listened more to what is inside than what is outside.


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