On finding great people to work with

ByAdemola Morebise

On finding great people to work with

You might have heard that one way to get your things done on time, every time is by finding great people to work with. Find great people, recruit them to your team and all will be well.

I believe this to be true.

The issue I have is that where exactly do we find great people to work with? Where do great people come from??

I think there is a lot of emphasis on finding great team members and not enough emphasis on training/mentoring average or good people and making them great.

Every great person you find out there was equipped by someone, no one was born extremely good at any skill. Everybody had to learn.

What if you could sharpen your team members and make them better as opposed to running around, looking for great people to seduce? Sure, not everybody is trainable, but how do you know for sure except you try?

The other aspect of the train-your-people argument is illustrated by this scenario. HR department told the CEO: “What if after training our people, they leave us for greener pastures”, CEO responded: “What will happen if we do not train them and they stay?”

Bring them to me hungry and foolish, I might just be able to convert them into giant killers…


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