You are not the next Dangote

You are not the next Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates or Lionel Messi, and you really need to stop trying too hard. You can only become second-best if you follow this route.

Why should I try to become the next Aliko Dangote when I can legitimately become the first Ademola Morebise?

I strongly believe everybody on planet earth is unique and each one of us has one thing – a gift, a trick that can be unleashed to the world.

It is OK to read up about great men and learn from them, but trying to now pattern exactly after them is sheer folly. Someone once said that the ONLY thing great men have in common is that THEY HAVE NOTHING in common. This is great wisdom for us today.

So do not read Aliko Dangote or Richard Branson’s biography and then decide to also start selling CDs because that is how Virgin’s empire started.

…and do not go around building the next Nairaland or Konga either. This is why you need to dig deep into yourself, ask yourself HARD QUESTIONS like – what is unique about me that no one else has?

  • What is my advantage over other people?
  • What can I see that no one else can?

Then, the big question:

  • What is my purpose?

No matter how hard you try, you cannot beat anyone else at their own game, you only become 2nd best.

Once a territory has been charted, it means there is a clear leader already. Go out and seek uncharted territories, you can define new genres and new kinds of jobs.

This is the stuff really great men are made of.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot beat Google at search, that is why I dug in deep and started building an answer engine instead.


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