Is there any place for religion at work?

I think so and really, I think it is a shame that we even need to debate this at all. I remain convinced that I am more than flesh, blood and some algorithms that evolved over millions of years. I am a deliberate creation.

Consider this quote from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein. Indeed, going to work and leaving my faith at home is very lame.

There is a yearning inside everyman that only God can fulfill.

Why are young people making the trip to join a group of terrorists that are killing people in the name of establishing a kingdom of God on earth? One 24-year-old who joined one of such groups said:

“They teach us to work hard to buy a nice car and nice clothes but that isn’t happiness. I was a third-class human because I wasn’t integrated into a corrupt system. But I didn’t want to be a street gangster. So, I and my friends decided to go around and invite people to join Islam. The other Muslim groups in the city just talk. They think a true Muslim state will just rain down from heaven on them without fighting”

Every man yearns for true happiness and over the years, people thought money and career success will bring the happiness. They soon realise it doesn’t. People who insist there is no place for God in the modern workplace soon commit suicide and they are diagnosed to have died of depression.


How on earth does a very successful man still commit suicide and people say they died of depression? All the money made, all the awards and accolades could not deliver you from depression?

Why are we then kidding ourselves?

Has the devil and his cohorts totally blinded our minds from the obvious truth?

I always proudly wear my faith on my sleeves, regardless of the stage of my business. Growing bigger will not send my faith into the background.

I do not work hard because I want stuff, there is no fulfillment in acquiring stuff. I work hard to fulfill my God-given assignment and to run the race HE has set in front of me.


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