Consistency is the king

ByAdemola Morebise

Consistency is the king

The new week that starts tomorrow will make or mar me.

Absolute nonsensical thinking.

Its true that next week holds several key moments that could prove pivotal or fatal to the mission, yet I believe there’s no magic moment per se that will set out everything.

People who started well have still ended up in a sorry state. People who started poor or averagely have certainly gone on to make a dent in the cosmos.

Things can swing either way.

The future doesn’t belong to the fastest, it belongs to the one who can consistently face life and respond to every turn and tantrum it throws.

One moment of magic can’t give you a new life. Miracles don’t produce destiny and fulfilment. Only consistency does that.

Staying good everyday, waking up to face life with a good attitude consistently over time might just be the gold.

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