Team spirit

In the spirit of the season, we were looking at taking some long break from business activities and just wait till the new year. However, that did not really happen. We did take the breaks, but work has also been going on side-by-side.

Team spirit in action.

Cultivating the right kind of mood/air/spirit in your organization should be top priority, no matter how scarce talent might be in the labour market, valuing company culture fit over skill-set pays off in the longer term. You do not want to recruit the guy that burns the house down. I have seen companies come down crashing after the founding spirit of the company was lost as more and more uninspired hires were made, the bonds between the staff disappeared (usually in the name of competition) and from there on, everything just went south.

It is important to have like-minded individuals on your team. People who work like you and commit to the same work place ethics as you. It always makes everything easier.

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