Anyone anywhere can now think and code themselves out of of lack and poverty and into wealth and real power. Ctrl + N is the keyboard shortcut on most Windows OS software used to start a new document or project.

So, if I am tired of the current state of things, I should simply press Ctrl +N and start something new. A wise man once said: “Each time we fail is a great chance to start all over, but each time more intelligently”

A lot of success stories I read this days center around guys who started building some software for a well defined industry and hitting the jackpot after working hard at it for years. Their story started the day one of them punched in CTRL + N on his keyboard. Right before my eyes, I watched Joel Gascoigne stat Buffer and grow it into the company it is today. A few years ago, that guy punched in CTRL + N, today he is a millionaire.

To be honest, there are lots of useful software that can be made for specific industries that will generate money from day 1, but alas our brightest minds in Nigeria are seduced by the tech startup illusion (What is a startup anyway??).

So, maybe it is time start identifying specialised industries we can build solutions for. Maybe it is time to finally start building out all those cool ideas you have.


Anyone can now write themselves into fame and fortune. Why dont you take a programming class?

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